Products and Services

  1. ESET. ESET. Enjoy Safer Technology


    ESET's antivirus solutions protect the personal data of more than 100 million users and businesses all around the world. Our philosophy is to allow our clients to make the most out of the different technologies they use and take the best of their potential without worrying for attacks against against one of their most important assets - the personal and business information stored on all devices.

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  2. SOPHOS XG Firewall. Multi-layer Network Security


    SOPHOS XG Firewall integrates multiple security features into a single device to offer better network security. SOPHOS XG Firewall works at the gateway of the network and protects it from malware, vulnerabilities in web applications and sophisticated targeted attacks. With SOPHOS XG Firewall you can control the information that employees of your organization share via applications, corporate or web mail. The multilayer security solutions SOPHOS XG Firewall allow full control over the activities of each user in the network and provide detailed Reporting of what is happening in the network and what is doing every single active user in it - or a group of users.

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  3. DESlock+. Data Encryption


    Information is one of the most valuable assets for businesses. However, it is often exposed to enormous risks - especially when travelling and the you computer is located outside the corporate network. DESlock+ is a solution that encrypts both entire disks and systems and individual pieces of information for providing maximum security for your information when you are on the go.

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  4. Qualys. Automated security solution.


    Qualys is an automated solution for network security audits. Thanks to it, your organization can simplify the management of information security and reduce the costs associated with meeting the requirements of various standards. Qualys automates audit, protection and operation of internal networks, web applications and more.

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  5. StorageCraft. Backup fast, recover faster


    StorageCraft provides effective backup and recovery solution, that creates backups of virtually all Windows IT environments for organizations of all sizes. In addition to reliable and timely backup, ShadowProtect allows quick, easy and seamless data migration. And more:

    • Bare metal and virtual environments recovery
    • Backups files or the entire operating system
    • Saves space with consolidated backup sets

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  6. Pulseway. IT infrastructure management


    Be the first to know for all activities in your organization's network. Manage IT systems in real time - and from any device. Be more effective - manage networks from a single application. With Pulseway you can also manage ESET Remote Administrator and StorageCraft ShadowProtect, as well as your virtualization platform - VMware, HyperV, Xen and more.

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