Backup fast, recover faster


StorageCraft is simple and powerful solution for backup and recovery of physical and virtual environments. Thanks to StorageCraft's solutions unpredictable situations for the business can be taken care of quickly - anywhere and at any time. StorageCraft's solution acts as part of the overall system and ensures business continuity by protecting operating systems, applications and information of the company fro unexpected failures, regardless of the size of the business.

Restore backups in minutes

even on new hardware or virtual environments

Create a backup of the entire disk or part of it:

operating system, applications, services, configurations, settings and information

Backup integrity checks

for providing working backup copies of the important data

Remote Administration

Centralized remote administration of all backup tasks

Fast backup of the information for business devices

Supported operating systems: Windows, Windows Server, Linux

Fast and hassle-free backup of the entire disk or part of it: operating system, applications, services, configurations, settings and information
Stores backups on any disk or optical media (CD, DVD, USB flash drives)
Planning of regular partial backups
Ability to migrate backups on physical and/or virtual environments
Easy planning of automatic backups and creating regular partial backups
Test backups for their integrity

Faster data recovery

Restore a fully working system from a backup copy in minutes - even on an entirely new hardware or virtual environment
Allows maximum fast system in the form of a virtual machine
Restores Exchange emails, attachments, contacts, mailboxes on a server or in a .pst file
StorageCraft is a perfect tool for recovery or migration from physical to virtual environments and vice versa

Guaranteed integrity of stored information

StorageCraft Image Manager allows IT administrators to easily and seamlessly manage backups - local or cloud - and organize backup files by ShadowProtect

Regular automated backup checks, to ensure their integrity and rapid and reliable recovery
Reduces recovery time and the risk of backups destruction or loss
Determination of the frequency of automatic backups of data
Consolidating backups in daily, weekly and monthly in order to reduce the time for backup and recovery
Email notification in case of backup failure

Remote administration

StorageCraft allows an easy and remotely management of each installation of backup agent in the organization

Web-based interface
Ability to create specific rules for your backup environment
Automatic notifications in case of status changes

Choose StorageCraft

  1. Hardware independent restore

  2. OS and single file backup and recovery

  3. Centralised remote administration