Multi-layer Network Security

SOPHOS XG Firewall

SOPHOS XG Firewall integrates multiple security features into a single device to offer better network security. SOPHOS XG Firewall works at the gateway of the network and protects it from malware, vulnerabilities in web applications and sophisticated targeted attacks. With SOPHOS XG Firewall you can control the information that employees of your organization share via applications, corporate or web mail. The multilayer security solutions SOPHOS XG Firewall allow full control over the activities of each user in the network and provide detailed Reporting of what is happening in the network and what is doing every single active user in it - or a group of users.

Monitoring and control of applications, content and traffic

Quick, easy and effective definition of policies to restrict and prioritize different online activities of all employees

Logs and Reports

                    Over 2,000 predefined and customisable reports of the activities of the network and the users in it in real time

Web-based Control

Quickly and easily manage all security policies through a web browser

Local Technical Support

and configuration of SOPHOS XG Firewall by certified specialists

Monitoring and control applications 

SOPHOS XG Firewall is a global leader in the field with the ability to control thousands of key applications of different companies
Prioritization of certain applications based on combination of users, time of usage and traffic required
Application control and classification based on pre-defined criteria or selected by the administrator rules
The proactive security model eliminates the need for manual intervention by the administrator when policies are being updated or new applications added

Content filtering and web control

SOPHOS XG Firewalls are equipped with built-in system for full control of allowed content in the protected network
Web content can be filtered both by user groups or by site groups or single web pages
SOPHOS XG Firewall enables access restriction only to a certain level of web content - for example, setting a read-only access to different groups of sites and applications

8-layer protection system based on the user's identity

8-layer security technology (patent pending) is included in all security modules of SOPHOS XG Firewall, offering control based on the user ID in the network

Firewall for Web Applications (WAF)

Protects Web sites and Web-based applications against OWASP Top 10 Web application attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), forgery of URL parameters, etc.
Follows a positive model for protection by automatically identifying and blocking attacks at all levels of applications without relying on signature sheets or techniques models match
Available as a subscription module for SOPHOS XG Firewall

Advanced protection system

SOPHOS XG Firewalls offer protection against new and evolving threats through Intrusion Prevention System, antivirus and anti-spyware system (Gateway Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware), antispam system (Gateway Anti-Spam), etc.
Protection against outgoing spam


Provides secure remote access to internal network resources via IPSec VPN, LT2P, PPTP and SSL VPN resources
Threat-free Tunneling technology scans traffic for malware
Mobile VPN Available for Android and iOS devices

Logs and reports

Companies can receive real-time comprehensive view of the events registered in the network and the users in it through logs and reports provided 
1200 template reports help to create adequate security policies and restrictions that address specific problems in the organization
Logs, reports and alerts triggered by a variety of devices, protocols and locations provide information on the activity of users and network
Reports compatible with HIPAA, CIPA, GLBA, SOX can be generated with just one clickŠ° 

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