Automated security solution.


Qualys enables organizations to manage their security perimeters and used applications. The solution allows the launching of automated audits on specific templates with which to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal security policies.

Qualys is the only company that provides SaaS audit solutions: QualysGuard. It allows instant overview of vulnerabilities wherever you are - no complicated installation procedures and settings of hardware and software. As a result, QualysGuard is the most widely used solution for vulnerability management in the world, carrying over 3 bn.  inspections per year that lead to the discovery of over 400 bn security events.

Full compatibility with leading security requirements 

Qualys Guard Security and Compliance Suite helps audit the network and verify compliance with security policies. It allows:

Monitor the implementation of the defined security policies IT infrastructure in line with best global practices
Opening and systematization of all assets no matter where they are - inside or outside of the company - or in the cloud
Automating regular checks of IT systems and web applications
Minimizing the risk through application vulnerability management
Easy monitoring and measuring compliance to the various standards from a single console
Preparation of specific reports according to the needs of management, auditors or experts in IT security

Choose Qualys

  1. Saves valuable time and efforts with automated audits

  2. Complete policy creation and enforcement