IT infrastructure management


Pulseway is safe, easy and effective solution to monitor and manage IT infrastructure of your organization. Save time and money with an excellent solution for remote IT administration - Pulseway! Its main advantages and features are:

Monitoring of everything happening on the network

Pulseway can monitor the status of each Windows, Linux and Mac system and application which has enabled API monitoring and control. The system administrator receives information about the status of the system or application in real time, including used system resources, users, system updates, IIS, SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory, VMware, Hyper-V & SNMP devices - and that's not all.

Real-time monitoring

The system administrator receives information and notifications in real-time for events that can lead to problems. Notifications can be received only for the most relevant events - or can be recieved at any event in the network - in real time and on any device.

Visibility from a single console

The decision Pulseway Dashboard allows the system administrator to obtain information about the status of all monitored devices from one location. The console is available on desktop, mobile platforms and browsers.

Full control

Quick and easy tool to respond to various problems with the systems in the network by sending commands even from mobile devices while on the go.

Compatibility with ESET Remote Administrator

The applications of Pulseway are fully compatible with solutions for remote administration of ESET (up to version 5) and allow for easy monitoring of the status of antivirus protection on the network.

Compatibility with StorageCraft ShadowProtect

Pulseway is integrated with StorageCraft ShadowProtect, which allows monitoring the status of the system backup in real time, checks of the created backups or start of backup procedures with information about the status of each task associated with the backup of the protected systems.

Remote connection

Pulseway allows direct connectivity to any system on the network with full remote control over every one of its' functions without using a VPN or other special requirement of network permissions.

Active Directory

The system administrator receives notice in case that an employee of the organization locks down his/hers account - which gives an adequate reaction time and ability to recognize potential threats to network security. Pulseway also allows editing and inclusion/exclusion of a user password, and management goals user groups. Moreover, even direct from your mobile phone or tablet administrator.

Application monitoring

Pulseway allows full control over the applications running on the network due to the REST API and Cloud API. The solution is easy for integration - it adds just a few lines of code to the application to be controlled.

Anywhere, anytime

Available as a mobile application solution for monitoring, Pulseway allows management of the overall IT infrastructure literally from the palm of your hand - via mobile phone - anywhere and any-time.

Choose Pulseway

  1. Manage your IT systems in real time and from any device

  2. Full control over the applications working in the network