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The philosophy of ESET is to allow its' customers to get the most out of technologies and their potential without worrying about attacks against one of their most important assets - PERSONAL AND BUSINESS INFORMATION.

Effective. Light.

Proven effective antivirus solution with minimum impact on the devices it protects

Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS

Protection of virtually all platforms - Windows and Linux (for Workstations and servers), Mac OS, Android, iOS**, etc.

Remote Administration

Quick and easy management of all ESET solutions from a single console

Free Technical Support

in Bulgarian by certified experts *

Protection of workstations
(computers, tablets and smartphones)

Supported OSs: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS**

Low system requirements and minimal impact on the performance of the protected device
Optimized for virtual environments. ESET's business solutions are fully compatible with the leading virtualization technologies such as VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix XEN, etc..
fast and easy management of all supported versions of products ESET, as well as increase/decrease of the number of licenses from a single, web-based console
Traffic control. Restrict access to websites and/or applications via integrated two-way firewall.

Server protection - file, mail, Gateway and Sharepoint

Technologies: Windows File Server, Windows Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Linux/Free BSD, IBM Lotus Domino, Kerio

Flexible licensing policy
Effective antivirus protection of the information of your business stored on all leading server platforms
Quick and easy installation, set-up and remote administration via a single web console
Full support of virtual platforms. Business solutions are compatible with leading virtualization technologies such as VMware Virtual Appliance, Vmotion ESX and others.
Faster scanning and less used system resources Shared Local Cache
Full integration with all versions of Microsoft Active Directory***

ESET Remote Administrator

remote administration

Manage all solutions for Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Linux Server, virtual machines, Android and iOS devices** through agent on each device
Maximum compatibility. ESET Remote Administrator can manage all business solutions of ESET, starting from version 4
Group policies. Ability to define different access rights, create administrator and other user groups, etc.. Set automatic actions - Installation of updates and signatures, scanning, etc.
Push-installation of solutions, virus definitions and enforcement of security policies from a single location. Cancellation and / or delay in updates for maximum ease of implementation in any environment
Management console as a virtual appliance, which supports all solutions to ESET, dated after 2004
Logs, reports and alerts on the status of security at all levels of the company - IT administrators, management, etc.

New Features

Dynamic environments require dynamic solutions

Even better system to protect against viruses and malware created on the basis of NOD32 technology
Advanced Memory Scanner. System Memory Scan detects even masked viruses by monitoring the behaviour of suspicious processes and scanning them as soon as they "unmask" themselves in the system's memory
Vulnerability Shield. Expanding the functionality of the firewall and improving the detection of known vulnerabilities at the network level
Exploit Blocker. Blocking attacks which exploit security vulnerabilities to external applications such as web browsers, PDF readers and Java applications and more.
Anti-theft protection. Allows remote location of a lost or stolen laptop, smartphone or tablet, remote locking devices or deleting the information on them
Botnet Protection. Monitors network communications for known malicious patterns of behaviour and alerts you in case a potential danger of exploitation of the protected device for spamming is detected.

More than antivirus

Even more secure remote access to information with ESET Secure Authentication – solution for two-factor authentication without the purchase of additional hardware
Additional security solution for data encryption DESlock+
Easy integration with StorageCraft – quick and easy solution for backup and recovery of information

* The level of tech support depends on the selected plan. Basic level starts from technical support during business hours.
** ESET Remote Administrator 6.3 enables enforcement of security policies and on iOS devices, part of the corporate network. Learn more
*** ESET's solutions support integration with versions of Microsoft Active Directory since 2003


  • 180



    ESET is preent in over 180 countries around the globe

  • 100m100,000,000



    ESET's products protect over 100,000,000 users all over the world

  • NOD32Antivirus



    ESET has created the NOD32 Antivirus technollogy, which has won a record number of awards for effectiveness by the independent publication Virus Bulletin 100

Choose ESET

  1. Fast and effective antivirus protection

    Fast. light and effective antivirus protection for PCs, laptops and mobile devices of your comapny's employees with low system demands and minimum impact on the protected system's performance. 

  2. Remote administration from a single console

    Full administration of all Windows Deskotp, Windows Server, Linux Server and VM solutions, Android and iOS devices via agent. 

  3. Virtual environment optimised

    ESET's solutions are fully compatible with VMware Virtual Appliance, Vmotion ESX, etc. and allow faster scanning an minimum used server resources thanks to the Shared Local Cache technollogy.