Data Encryption


Information is one of the most valuable assets for businesses. However, it is often exposed to enormous risks - especially when travelling and the you computer is located outside the corporate network. DESlock+ is a solution that encrypts both entire disks and systems and individual pieces of information for providing maximum security for your information when you are on the go.

Encrypts your entire computer,

USB sticks, separate file directories, emails and parts of documents

Centralised Remote Administration

with push installation 

The encrypted information is fully protected

DESlock+ does not have a Master key to unlock the data

Total control over encryption

Operation systems: Windows, iOS

Encrypt entire hard drives or only parts of them
Allows encryption both of only individual files and directories that you want - and all files that are moved to the protected folder are encrypted immediately
Encryption of Outlook clients via a special plug-in. Email can be decrypted only by recipients who have the same key with the sender
Encryption of USB sticks, DVD and CD, without requiring additional space for encrypted content

Centralised Remote Administration

DESlock + Enterprise Server allows management of users and workstations together or separately. Activation and changes in security policies, software keys and encryption status of protected devices can be managed through a secure channel in the cloud

Cryptography can be managed by any workstation with an Internet connection
Ability to push installation and management of encryption
All commands, updates, status updates and responses are carried out in DESlock + Enterprise Proxy
The solution is independent of the active directory or any existing system architecture
Encrypted connection allows control of the encryption keys on end stations
Complete remote administration, create and delete user accounts

Management of the encryption key 

Own technology, patent pending
Allows the generation of up to 64 encryption keys for each user, adding and removing all or part of the encryption keys
Change the remote encryption policy

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